Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year's Resolution #1 from 2011: De-Clutter & Donate

Prior to 2011, I never made New Year's Resolutions - However, I decided it was time to start.  

2011 Resolution #1: De-Clutter & Donate The plan was to get a BIG BOX and put ONE item in everyday to Donate to a Local Charity. I have to say, It was a SUCCESS! In the beginning, I kept a large Cardboard Box in my Kitchen - so that I would see it everyday as Reminder of what I was doing. The great thing was - it worked much better than I thought! Everyday for the first couple weeks I found myself cleaning out a cabinet or drawer to find items I no longer needed! I was cleaning out cupboards that I had not looked in for a couple years. I discovered forgotten items, brand new items & useless items. I found items to sell in my Etsy Store and on Ebay.

After the initial burst of energy, to De-Clutter & Donate, I was able to continue cleaning out Drawers, Shelves & Cabinets throughout the year - in an effort to better organize my life. While the large box is no longer in my kitchen, I now keep a small bag of items in the closet that I am constantly adding to as I find something. AND I can Honestly say I was able to donate OVER 365 Items (1 Item a Day) to the local Thrift Store. As I sit here & begin my taxes for 2011, I have all of my donation sheets and am Very Happy to report that I donated over $1500 worth of items, which feels great!

It's such a great feeling to have accomplished my goal and now it is just a part of everyday life :) Lara

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